Teaching Resources

Waves and Quanta (PA1140)

For 2022/23 I am the module leader for the first-year core course Waves and Quanta (PA1140), and will be lecturing the first two units of this course. PA1140 runs in the first half of Spring Term - all teaching materials will be available on Blackboard.

Quasars and Cosmology (PA3605)

From 2022/23 I am also the module leader for the third-year astrophysics course Quasars and Cosmology (PA3605), which runs in the Autumn Term, and will be teaching the first half of this module (Cosmology). Again, all teaching materials for this course can be found on Blackboard.

Supermassive Black Holes and Large-scale Structure (PA4608)

My other module for 2022/23 is the fourth-year astrophysics course Supermassive Black Holes and Large-scale Structure (PA4608), which runs in the Spring Term. I lecture the second half of this module (Supermassive Black Holes), and again, all materials can be found on Blackboard.

Formation of Planetary Systems (MPAGS module AS8)

I am the organiser of the post-graduate module Formation of Planetary Systems. This course is taught through MPAGS (module AS8) and normally runs every other year, most recently in Spring 2022. Details can be found on the course web-page, along with links to lecture notes and other course materials.

Postgraduate Research

I am currently the postgraduate research (PGR) Director for the School of Physics & Astronomy. For PGR enquiries and questions, please contact me via pgrphys@leicester.ac.uk.

Finally, I continue to run our annual "Jobs Talk" for astronomy PhD students. The slides from talk, and other materials related to the post-doc job market, can be found here.