Formation of Planetary Systems (Autumn 2023)

(MPAGS module AS8)


The assessment for this module requires students to submit a short essay reviewing a recent research paper in this field. You should explain the motivation behind the study, and place it in context within the field of planet formation. In addition to reviewing the methods and results you should also highlight particular strengths and/or weaknesses of the paper, and discuss its (potential) importance within the field.

Essays should be around 1500 words in length. You are free to choose any recent paper on any of the topics covered in the course, with only one caveat: students whose PhD work is primarily theoretical must review an observational or instrumentation paper, while students doing PhDs primarily on observational or instrumental topics must review a theoretical paper. A list of suggested papers is provided below. You are welcome to choose other papers if you wish, but in this case please consult me in advance (to ensure that the chosen paper is appropriate).

Essays should be submitted by email as PDF files. The deadline for submission is Friday 19th January 2024.

Suggested Papers

WInDI: a Warp-Induced Dust Instability in protoplanetary discs, Aly et al.
The external photoevaporation of structured protoplanetary disks, Gárate et al.
The formation of wide-orbit giant planets in protoplanetary disks with a decreasing pebble flux, Guttutxaga et al.
Kinematic signatures of a low-mass planet with a moderately inclined orbit in a protoplanetary disk, Kanagawa et al.
Observing planetesimal formation under streaming instability in the rings of HD 163296, Zagaria et al.

A magnetically driven disc wind in the inner disc of PDS 70, Campbell-White et al.
JWST imaging of edge-on protoplanetary disks. I. Fully vertically mixed 10μm grains in the outer regions of a 1000 au disk, Duchene et al.
Finding substructures in protostellar disks in Ophiuchus, Michel et al.
Aligned Grains and Scattered Light Found in Gaps of Planet-Forming Disk, Stephens et al.
JWST imaging of edge-on protoplanetary disks II. Appearance of edge-on disks with a tilted inner region: case study of IRAS04302+2247, Villenave et al.